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I'm Amber! Welcome to the place where I share my love of interiors + styling + so much more while making our first house a home in Northern California!

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The Secret to Creamy Pantry Pasta

With all this time spent at home recently, Ryan and I have been doing so much cooking show watching. My favorite is the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen gang cooking from their homes while sheltering in place. I’ve never been a…

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Life The Last Few Weeks

Does anyone else feel like they are living in an alternate reality right now?! Hospitals are overflowing with people who have fallen ill, jobs are being lost, businesses are closing left and right, and we’re in a global pandemic. This…

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Loving from Amazon

One: Mirror | Two: Hurricane | Three: Pepper Grinder | Four: Plates | Five: Faucet | Six: Small Tray | Seven: Book | Eight: Lamp | Nine: Woven Tote | Ten: Turkish Towels | Eleven: Birch Logs | Twelve: Flatware…

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